EICSP Collaboration

The EICSP is willing to explore synergy and collaboration with individuals and organisations who share our aims and objectives. Please do get in contact if you would like to discuss a possible collaborative project with the EICSP.

Should there be a subject area where you would like the EICSP to consider organising and hosting an event, then please do get in contact with your suggestion. All such suggestions will receive serious consideration, subject to funding opportunities.

The EICSP is not a membership organisation, nor is it an representative organisation. A more flexible model is required for a facilitation and events-led organisation whose principal subject is world spiritualities. We would like to encourage individuals and organisations to get in contact if you would like to become actively involved in our work. All of the events of the EICSP are intended for full public participation. We aspire to organise our events in an inclusive and accessible fashion for wide public benefit and participation.

Please also read the EICSP Volunteering Policy and the EICSP Equal Opportunities Policy.